Single-door Standalone ID / Mifare


  • Web-based; cross-network and cross-area management through WAN and Internet
  • High security; Use encryption with random code to save finger characteristics
  • SSL ensures safe sessions over the web browsers
  • DHCP and Static IP supported; plug and play
  • Multiple languages supported (ex. Chinese, English, Russian)
  • Online upgrade functions
  • Can access 6,000 users with 2 finger vein template per user
  • 1,000,000 log entries; identification time: 1 : 2000 ≦1.5sec
  • FAR < 0.0000067%; support group number up to 2048
  • 10 intervals per day with 1 minute minimum per interval
  • Provide 3 types of programmable dates with up to 255 types of date configurations
  • Support real-time eMap displaying and editing
  • Support real-time event logging
  • User friendly design: operate easily with the keyboard
  • OLED display and keyboard
  • Powerful management functions; manage based on time, dates, locations, card holder license, etc.
  • Powerful alarm functions; remove / add area alarms; easy to connect

The EBC980R is a standalone Linux-based IP access control system combined with a finger vein reader, card reader and a door controller. You can simply connect the system to the door using a Cat 5 cable and connect the system to power through the PoE port.

Built-in with a finger vein and an RFID module, the system can provide up to 13 door-open patterns including Finger vein, Finger vein + PIN, Finger vein or PIN, Normal Close, Always Unlocked, etc. Users can manage the access or events through the Web browser easily.


Maximum Number of Cards
6,000 (2 finger Vein templates per person; 12,000 Max.)
Maximum Number of Log Entries
Number of Card Readers Supported
Operating System
Linux embbeded database with
512M NAND Flash, 64M DDR SDRAM
Maximum Number of Connected Control Units
Identification Time
1 : 1 ≦ 1sec.; 1 : 2000 : ≦ 1.5sec.
Error Rate
< 0.0000067%
Automatic Finger Detection Feature
Number of Controllable Doors
Card Reader Signal Format
Wiegand adaptive or RS232
Alarm Inputs
1 channel for fire alarm,
1 channel can be configured as a general alarm
Alarm Outputs
1 channel
Communications Interface
10 / 100MB Ethernet with RJ-45 port, TCP / IP
Programmable Dates
3 types available with up to 255 types of date configurations
Multiple Card Access
Door Area Interlocking
Expiration of Card
Daylight Saving Time
OLED, 4 x 8 Chinese, 4 x 16 English / Russian
Door Relay Current
Alarm Relay Current
PoE power supply,12VDC ± 15%, Max. 1A
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