Door-Control Controller Module


  • Support for 2 readers
  • Provides 12VDC power for 2 readers
  • Supports both Wiegand and EverAccess RS-232 format readers
  • Supports full controls on two doors, including door sensor, lock relay, and Request-to-exit
  • Connections for an additional 2 alarm outputs
  • Built-in transient voltage suppressor to protect controller from electrical surges
  • Large, durable relay, max current draw up to 5A at 30VDC
  • Built-in LEDs to display the system status

The EFM-DR-1A is a door expansion module for the EFC302 and EFC-02-1A access control systems. This module provides connections for 2 additional door readers up to a maximum of 8 (4 door modules) and allows for the connection of peripherals such as door position sensors, magnetic or electric strike locks, and Request to Exit buttons.

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