USB Keyboard Controller with 3-Axis Joystick Control


  • USB Control Keyboard with 3-Axis
  • "Plug and play” USB interface
  • 3-Axis joystick for PTZ control function
  • Support standard HID class device with high compatibility
  • Industrial ID design
  • Long working life of industrial grade 3-axis joystick
  • 4 pre-define

The EKB200 is a “Plug and Play” USB Joystick . The device can be used to control PTZ cameras connected to  EverFocus DVR’s such as the Elux, Paragon FHD and Ecor FHD. The EKB200 connects to the Compatible EverFocus DVR’s through the USB port on the rear of the device . The devices 12  keys can be assigned predefined functions through the DVR web interface.
The EKB200 can also be connected to a compatible windows computer to control EverFocus IP PTZ cameras through their web interface


Max. Power Consumption
80 Ma max
200.5 x 200.5 x 111.3 mm / 7.9" x 7.9" x 4.4" (with Joystick)
880 g / 1.94 lb
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