• Embedded Linux operating system
  • Built-in database engine
  • Remote setting, control and management through WEB Browser without installing any software
  • SSL data encryption to ensure secure access through the WEB browser
  • Supports network automatic backup and upgrade
  • It can manage 100,000 cards and supports 1,000,000 event records
  • Supports up to 2048 access groups and schedule
  • Supports up to 12 kinds of access pattern
  • Wiegand 26 or RS232 data output format
  • Maximum of 4 EFM-DR-1A (door module) and 1 EFM-AL-1A (alarm module) per EFC302.
  • Expandable to handle over 1000 readers. Each EFC302 can expand up to 8 doors or readers.

Access Control Kits provide a turnkey solution for 2 doors. These kits are expandable up to 8 doors with the purchase of additional door modules and card readers. These kits provide all the required components of a small Access Control system, including:

Upgrading the kit with more card readers, door modules and an alarm module allows the Controller to extend the capabilities of the Access Control system.

These Access Control Kits can also be managed by our Access Control Central Management Server, Xtron, with a separate purchase of an alarm module.



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