Tire Pressure Monitoring System


  • Smart Main Unit can automatically search and match TPMS Sensors.
  • Real-time monitoring of tire pressure, tire temperature, battery voltage of TPMS Sensors and wireless signal strength.
  • Selectable tire pressure and tire temperature units.
  • Smart Main Unit with 7 colors backlit provides visible and audible notifications.
  • UHF wireless communication allows you to assign TPMS Sensors’ ID using mobile app.
  • TPMS Sensors are easy to install, and can be inflated directly without being uninstalled from the tires.

The Smart Heavy-Duty Vehicle TPMS Solution is designed to report you the information of tires on your vehicle. The complete solution includes a Smart Main Unit, TPMS Sensors, a Repeater and a Trailer Receiver. The Smart Main Unit can automatically search and match the TPMS Sensors, save your time from repeated and complicated adjustment. The TPMS Sensors detect the tire pressure and tire temperature in real time, and transmit these data to the Smart Main Unit through wireless technology. When under-inflation, over-inflation or abnormal temperature of the tires is detected, the Smart Main Unit will alert you immediately with LED and audible alarm.
The Smart Heavy-Duty Vehicle TPMS Solution can also work together with the Mobile Surveillance Solution to further increase the driving security. With a dedicated Receiver Box, you can also review the information of tires using EverFocus’ Mobile DVR, and remotely track, monitor and manage any type of fleet vehicles using EverFocus’ Xfleet fleet management server system.


• Intelligent design, no setting needed even the trailer is replaced.
• Alarm high / low limit can be configured quickly.
• Thru Flow TPMS External Sensors are easy to install.
• Simple setting steps and matching process.

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