• Simultaneously display live videos from EverFocus DVR/NVR*
  • Supports up to 64CH live view for substream or 4ch for mainstream*
  • Live window pop-up notification when events occur
  • Supports event search (time, motion and I/O alarm)
  • Remote playback (sub-stream) supports up to 9CH from a single device
  • Archive sub-stream recordings (.avi) from EverFocus DVR and NVR
  • User access privilege management
  • Single-channel manual live recording remotely (.avi) to local PC*
  • Support E-map management with multiple layers
  • Supports multi-language
  • Supports PTZ and EKB200 keyboard

The EverFocus VANGUARD CMS has been designed to access EverFocus’s networked surveillance devices (DVR/NVR) through internal CGI commands up to 64 channels. The CMS supports the EverFocus EKB200 and PTZ control which enables fast and steady control and connection of the cameras’ video streams. The CMS features an alarm pop-up function to simplify notifying and managing of multiple devices.

* E-map function – turn off Windows UAC to enable this feature.
* Remote-live-recording can only record same resolution and selected channel audio from the received stream.
* Supports ECOR HD, ECOR FHD, PARAGON FHD, EPRO, ELUX, and VANGUARD. Please refer to the ‘Vanguard CMS support list‘ for your specific device.
* VANGUARD DVR series, EPRO NVR series only supports live and playback with substream.

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