XLite (Windows)

Central Management Software Version 1.4.1


  • Live View: simultaneously display live videos from EverFocus DVR*, NVR, and IP cameras
  • User customizable matrix view
  • Supports up to 3 independent windows with each window displaying up to 64 streams depending on computer and network performance
  • Event pop-up notification with live video for EverFocus DVR* and ENVR8304
  • Event search (motion, alarm, video loss) for EverFocus DVR* and ENVR8304
  • Playback: playing back recorded videos from EverFocus DVR* and NVR, one device at a time
  • Archive: download recorded videos from EverFocus DVR* and NVR, one device at a time
  • Scheduled Archive: daily auto archive at user-defined time for EverFocus DVR* and NVR, multiple devices at the same time
  • User access right management
  • *Please refer to X-Lite Windows Compatibility Chart for supported EverFocus DVRs

XLite is the new Central Management System (CMS) from EverFocus which was designed for multi-site and/or multiple DVR deployments. With XLite users may live view, playback, and/or archive their DVRs on a local or remote computer. XLite can display 3 independent windows each displaying 64 channels; therefore, allowing the monitoring of up to 192 video streams at the same time.

XLite gives users the freedom to organize DVRs and their cameras whichever layout the user wants to view them. With the included Layout users can create groups of cameras from different DVRs that are/are not in the same location. Pages, found in XLite, lets users save their favorite camera grouping quickly, this allows the user to easily recall that camera group later. Cameras do not even need to be connected to the same network to be viewed with XLite.



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