The 24-Hour race at Nürburgring

Monitoring the driver during the race

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The 24-Hour race at Nürburgring



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During the racing, it is important that the team manager, crew chief and spotter be able to talk with the driver during the race. The driver relies on these three individuals for guidance as the race progresses. In order to get the correct and critical information of the race and the physical condition of the driver, it is very important to obtain the live image inside the car.
In recent years, the team spotter has become even more valuable to the driver, helping him (or her) to get the race car around the track as quickly and safely as possible.


EverFocus have been working diligently for a long time to create a safer driving environment. Our products are widely used in mobile vertical market. The EverFocus EDSR400M 4CH Mobile DVR’s features are designed specifically to use in mobile applications. It provides superior image quality during the race, combined with the ability to withstand high levels of vibration and humidity make the EDSR400M ideal for use in buses, taxis, police vehicles, or any application requiring a rugged DVR.


For all the focus on developing a racing car to improve performance, relatively little is done to improve the driver’s physical conditions when seated in the car. But actually both are equally important.
After installing EverFocus product, the whole racing team can monitor the driver’s physical condition, track the progress of the driver and keep an eye on the driver and the race at the same time. So the technical director, the chief aerodynamicist, the chief of R&D can give more precise directions to helping the team make quick decisions about the vehicle’s handling and operation in order to win the race.

The 24-Hour race at Nürburgring

Monitoring the driver during the race

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